Tripp Thomasson

Tripp Thomasson

Sales Associate
Hunting, Shooting Sports, Fishing, Marine & Outdoor

Ellett Brothers (Chapin, SC)

Tripp came to Dunkin Lewis after many years in the sporting goods industry in all levels of purchasing and sales at manufacturing, distribution and retail. That experience included in his years with Kmart as a sporting goods department manager, a district manager and finally as a sporting goods buyer.

After Kmart, Tripp headed up the purchasing department for a major distributor before managing the North American sales, distribution & marketing for an import company.  Following that experience he moved to Chapin, SC and the manufacturing division of Ellett.

Being in the Chapin offices almost daily for over 20 years gives Tripp a great advantage.  It allows him to manage the key account responsibility for Ellett with sales & marketing management, as well as working with the sales associates and purchasing support with the buyers.  With the merger of Ellett, Jerry’s Sport Center, OSHI and Simmons into what is now known as United Sporting Companies, he now fully services all of the USC locations across the U.S.

Tripp earned his business administration degree at Indiana State and honorably served two years in the U.S. Army.