Cory Rath

Law Enforcement Sales Manager
Hunting, Shooting Sports & Fishing

Southwest, Southeast & Upper Midwest Territories

Hick’s Inc. (Luverne, AL)
Van’s Sporting Goods (Cullman, AL)

Cory’s addition to the agency came in January of 2002. He brought with him ten years sales experience. As an avid outdoorsman he always held interest in working in the outdoor market and was excited to have the opportunity to join Dunkin Lewis. Cory’s sales knowledge and insight are an integral part of our team. From 2002 to 2014  Cory worked territories in sections of Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Mississippi covering Dealer and Distributor accounts for hunting and fishing vendors

In 2014 Cory took on the additional responsibility of developing the Law Enforcement  business for Dunkin Lewis.  Growth in that area of our business demanded that in 2015 he gave up much of his responsibility in the Hunting and Fishing categories to focus on the Law Enforcement Sales in the Southeast, Southwest and Upper Midwest territories.