Steve Giefer

Sales Associate
Hunting, Shooting Sports, Fishing, Marine & Outdoor

Bass Pro Shops / Cabela’s (Springfield, MO)

A graduate of William Jewel College with a degree in Computer Information Systems and Economics, Steve has been in the outdoor industry his entire career.  He began with retail, moved into ownership of a wholesale business, and held positions as a sales manager, owner responsibilities in a manufacturing business as well as working in international sales.

All of these experiences have provided a wealth of experience and perspective in his current role managing our business with Bass Pro Shops / Cabela’s.  Steve also manages our store servicing program for Bass Pro Shops / Cabela’s.  His excellent communication skills continue to produce successful relationships with his buyers and manufacturers.  Numerous sales awards have honored Steve and he strives to provide the best service to both his buyers and the manufacturers he represents.

Steve is an avid outdoorsman, trapper, big game hunter, fisherman, and overall sports enthusiast.  In addition, he enjoys playing basketball, softball tennis, golf, just about any sport you can think of.  He resides with his wife in Franktown, CO and they enjoy the country life greatly.  Steve believes in living life the way we dream it.  His biggest outside influence has been Ronald Reagan.  His favorite sayings are “if you don’t act like your name is on the door, it never will be” as well as, “those that would give up liberty for safety, deserve neither”.

Swarovski Rep of the Year 2003

Plano Rep of the Year 2004

Cabela’s Rep of the Year 2005

Ono’s National Rep of the Year 2005

American Angler Six Star Club 2006

Swarovski 2009 Elite Team Member 2009

Plano Rep of the Year 2013