Jake Bartz

Sales Associate
Hunting, Shooting Sports, Fishing, Marine & Outdoor





Jake spent the first 12 years of his career in the outdoor industry with Cabela’s Retail in capacities spanning Sales Associate, Product Specialist, Customer Service Supervisor and Sales Manager in hunting, fishing and camping categories. He has been with Dunkin Lewis since 2009 and has continued to grow as a manufacturer’s representative in all areas in within the agency. He sells products in all categories in the outdoors, ranging from hunting, fishing, marine, and camping.  He is responsible for distributors, chain stores, and independents. He also is a member of our Bass Pro Shops/Cabela’s store servicing team.  He has excellent product knowledge and understands the needs for our vendors, his accounts and their consumers.

Jake has passion for the outdoors and is an avid hunter and fisherman. He enjoys all types of fishing but prefers, Muskies, Northern Pike, and Ice Fishing. He is avid archer who loves to hunt whitetails and elk.  He has a lot of experience shooting upland birds and waterfowl. To top that off, he has had the opportunity to participate in several successful African Safaris.

Jake enjoys spending time with his family in the outdoors.  He has helped his wife harvest several deer with a bow and enjoys taking his two young sons ice fishing and is looking forward the time when they join him on hunts.