Message from Charles Dunkin

We bring proven experience in sales and marketing to the manufacturing representative business. Many of our associates have extensive backgrounds in wholesale and retail. We cover ten states in the Southeast, eleven states in the Northeast, four states in the Southwest, three states in the Rocky Mountains, four states in the MINK and four states in the Upper Midwest, four states in the Great Lakes, and ten states in the Western. All activities and supervision are directed from our office in Birmingham, Alabama. Our goal is to promote profitability, eliminate problems, and sell. By achieving the first two, it is much easier to accomplish the sale. In addition to meeting with our sales representatives and factories at various trade and factory sales meetings, we utilize the latest technology that webinars, voice and video conferencing offer to meet regularly with our sales force and factories to reinforce our objectives and work toward mutual goals. We drive the business with our distributors, support their shows, and conduct sales clinics with their sales personnel. We build an independent dealer base through direct programs with the buying groups. We manage the big box and chain business through experienced, established associates who know the business structure and the nuances of selling to these large entities and who also manage a support team of our associates at the retail store level. We execute a great number of retail store promotions to generate sales of our products, but more importantly to educate retail personnel on product information. In short, we are never satisfied with the status quo, we search out opportunity for growth. Our growth has been the result of bringing together people who are dedicated to the purpose of generating sales, solving problems and promoting products. As we look to the future, our goal is to provide better service to both our customers and our factories. To accomplish this we must continue to be open minded to new ideas and adapt to the challenges and opportunities that change creates.

Charles F. Dunkin