"A Company Accomplishing Today’s Goals and Planning for Tomorrow’s Challenges"

From our foundation, Dunkin-Lewis, Inc. has become one of the oldest and largest sales and marketing agencies in the country. We have grown to serve factories nationwide with thirty-six associates covering territories in forty states. Offering a wide range of services is what makes Dunkin-Lewis the success it is today. Customers and the Dunkin-Lewis associates speak the same language. By evaluating and understanding the opportunities with each customer, we are able to maximize a profitable relationship for both the factory and the customer. The factory’s objectives establish our goals and the customer’s priorities create our agenda. It is all a part of an entrepreneurial spirit which continues to separate us from  other agencies since the day we began. It is also an important part of the reason why our  customers and factories consider us as key members of their teams. Teamwork is the key element in our successful relationships with our factories and customers. To most, we are an indispensable part of their team, eager to find innovative ways to increase profits. Our job, as we see it, is to be contributors to the return on investment.